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Our Advantages



of evening menu



total length of our trails



of farmland



in our cozy hotel



Arabian and Trakehner breed



to Oka river

Reasons to Visit our Farm

  • Dynamic riding on cross-country trails

  • Jumping over natural obstacles: ditches, streams, fallen trees

  • All trails pass through deserted countryside, villages, fields, forests, ravines and hills

  • Riders have an opportunity to choose a route of suitable difficulty and ride it at their own speed

  • We also offer a cross country course and a show jumping field with painted poles

  • Individual lessons with novices on lunge line

  • no «nose-to-tail» riding

  • Each rider can have a horse that suits her level and ability

Plan for a Day


together at 10:30. Dairy products from the local farm

Discussing riding activities

Deciding on an appropriate and suitable route

Horse back riding

for 1,5-2 hours on the selected trail


14:30 - 15:30
prepared form season vegetables

Trip to the forest

gathering berries, mushrooms

Swimming in the river

bathing at our local beach


Barbecue or inside


A room at our hotel

Our hotel is situated right above the stables and has 4 guest rooms, shower and toilette. All the furniture in the hotel is hand made and each room has a queen size bed

The price per room includes three meals - the food is tasty and diverse

Logg cabin

The logg cabin can lodge a family with one or two kids. There is a queen size bed with an opportunity to put a folding bed as well. There is a shower and toilette in the cabin

The lodging includes meals three times a day

Russian Banya

Russian banya can host four people at a time. It has a heat room, a washing room and a rest room. It is made out of oak and linden tree.

The Banya is a great way to relax and rest from your every day routine and activities. After visiting our banya you will feel refreshed and happy. 

How much does it cost


  • Lodging and food:
  • Out in the field for 2 hours:
  • Individual riding lesson:
  • Jumping a cross-county course:
  • Russian banya:

Week days

  • 1200 rub day/pers.
  • 1000 rub rub/pers.
  • 1000 rub hour/pers.
  • 800 rub hour/pers.
  • 400 rub rub/hour


  • Lodging and food:
  • Out in the field for 2 hours:
  • Individual riding lesson:
  • Jumping a cross-county course:
  • Russian banya:


  • 1500 rub day/pers.
  • 1200 rub rub/pers.
  • 1200 rub hour/pers.
  • 1200 rub hour/pers.
  • 400 rub rub/hour

How to get to Suslovfarm

Tulskaya region Belevsky district, village Salkovo

By Car

Take Kiyevskoye highway (M-3) for 186 km then turn left and drive for 28 km to Peremyshl, then take p-92 towards Orel. Drive for 25 km to Chekalin then turn right towards Orel and Belev. Drive for another 22 km to the sign Salkovo and turn left towards the farm. The total distance from Moscow is 260 km.

By Bus

There is a bus that leaves for Belev every day from Tepliy Stan and Krasnogvardeyskaya metro stations. In 4,5 hours it arrives in Belev where we could meet you at the bus station or order a taxi that will take you to our farm. Total time to Suslovfarm is 5 hours.

By train

There is a possibility to take a train from Kievskaya railway station. It will arrive in Kaluga in 2,5 hours. Then take a bus to Suvorov, where we could meet you or order a taxi that will take you to out farm. Total lime to Suslovfarm is 5 hours.

Feedback from our clients

Anna Arkhipova

36 years old, Moscow

We’ve been to Suslovfarm several times and each time we leave we want to get back there as soon as possible. There are a lot of reasons why we want to come back. First, the farm had a great location. The fresh air, beautiful scenery and picturesque nature and total silence. The routs are of variable difficulty that go through beautiful countryside, fields, hills and rivers.

Secondly, the horses are very well trained and very well kept. There are horses for novice and experienced riders. There is also a pony for kids. Third, Roman is a great coach. He can help correct riding mistakes, improve your balance and will always give hints on better cross-country riding. Fourth, for those who don’t ride (or for whom riding is not enough), there is an opportunity to take walks, to go fishing, to go the banta, to take a trip to the old town of Belev and to take Belevskaya pastila. Fifth, Katya is a great kook and kooks a whole variety of different food. The lodging conditions on the farm are very comfortable. So for those who like horseback riding and beautiful countryside I would recumbent to visit Suslovfarm.

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Valeriy Kishko

29 years old, Moscow

We come to Suslovfarm for 4 years already. Horseback riding here is an unforgettable experience. Nature, landscapes of that beauty and diversity are hard to find. The horses are very reliable. The route is chosen individually depending on your ability, mood and desire.

We also visited Suslovfarm in winter months and we were not disappointed. Riding in the snow is very fun and intense. I also want to mention the food, which is healthy and tasty. All vegetables are grown in the garden on the farm and the dairy products are local and always fresh.

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Vladimir Sevrinovsy

39 years old

Suslovfarm is of of the most interesting horseback riding places I have been to. I can easily imagine those who would be disappointed and those who could not dream of a better place to ride. The owners are great and the horses are fabulous. I would recommend this place to experienced riders. The tack is very professional and fit the horse and rider almost ideally.

.During the rides Roman gave us a lot of useful advice on better balance and maneuvering. The freedom during the ride is almost unlimited, however there are certain rules like keeping the distance and avoiding obstacles that could be dangerous both for the horse and rider. There is a huge amount of beautiful nature to explore around the farm as well.

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